Surface cleaning technologies

Achieving clean surfaces for metal workpieces is imperative in corrosion protection.

There are two basic methods in use: chemical pretreatment or mechanical cleaning.

KEMATECHNIK Mérnökiroda Kft. designs mechanical surface cleaning processes, produces and installs shot blasting equipment utilising the designed processes.

  • Manual and automatic surface cleaning,
  • Shot blasting, sand blasting,
  • Blasting booths, blasting containers
  • Wheel blast systems
  • Blast cabinets, pressure and injector blast equipment
  • Shots, grits, steel shots, emery, garnet sand, glass beads
  • Special blasting materials, plastic beads, corn cobs
  • CLEMCO, Contractor equipment, nozzles and other spare parts
  • Spiral transport systems

Service and maintenance.

We regularly carry out maintenance of the equipment installed by us. Our qualified service team and stocks of wearing and spare parts ensure that failures are repaired and regular maintenance is attended fast and professionally.